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American Portraits: No. 16 by Nullermanden American Portraits: No. 16 by Nullermanden
June 1st, 2007
Boston, Massachusetts


After taking the train to Copley Square in downtown Boston with a friend, I walked around for a bit, people scouting, when I walked past a cookie-stand. There, I bought the largest chocolate-chip cookie I have ever seen in my life - it was as big as my friggin head! After I ate it, I decided to go back and buy another three - and then go search for homeless people to give them to.

I first found a sad looking fellow who was lying, passed out, on the ground, and I somehow managed to shove the enormous cookie under his arm without waking him up. Unfortunately I never got to see his face when he woke up to half a pound of homebaked goodness, but I can image it must have been quite the sight.

I then noticed two guys sitting at the side of a big building, talking, and walked over to the guy who seemed to need the cookie the most - and handed it to him. He looked at me for a second in disbelief, then thanked me - and after a couple of jealous looks from his friend, I handed over my last cookie.

Sam, as the first guy's name was, turned out to be an old photographer. We ended up having a long talk about the pros and cons about film, while his friend ran off to munch on his cookie - and take a much needed piss.

American Portraits book now available! For further information, go here: [link]
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catsNdogs Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015
Great stories you have, and very nice touch! :)
sathewins Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
this portrait is wonderful. Your portrait series is unique. Can i have your permission to draw some portraits from your collection?
LynnRunstedler Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
so much character! maybe you'll like this :) [link]
frankkkkk Featured By Owner May 26, 2010
this picture is beautiful
Fromse Featured By Owner May 11, 2010
It kinda sounds like a fairytale :b nice story, beautiful picture! (:
artistdan Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2009
very nice story, i like the photo. Wondered if i could do a portrait drawing of this fellow. I am a portraiture artist and like drawing unique portraits and i would love to draw this guy. I'm asking permission first. Thanks very much.
Nullermanden Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2009
Hey mate - sure, go ahead :) All I want from you, is to see it when you're done :)
artistdan Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2009
Thanks very much. I will send you the link for it once I'm done. I love your portrait series.
muttleydosomething Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2008
featured here: [link]
verloreneseele Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2008
nice one!
cottonball Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008
You're giving people free cookies? ;)
Nullermanden Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008
So many free cookies :lol:

Really, trust me, it's a great feeling :)
RGAllanPhotography Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Featured in the news article Photography - Portraits :D
ArtIsterik Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2008  Professional Photographer
Featured in my journal ;) :highfive:
RavenBlakh Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2007  Student Photographer
It's great to hear his story, and the expression on his face is wonderfully captured here.
flamingbambi Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
This is a wonderful series ^^ i think this one is my favourite.

The story behind it is so heartwarming :) it was a wonderful thing you did!
imawarhol Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2007
lovely photo
atwosidestory Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2007
Good story once again.

Thanks for sharing :clap:
KsenKAT Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2007

Hello! :wave: You have been featured "here" :heart: under "black and white"

I will comment this later when I have more time on my hands! With a real comment!

gankster Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2007
His expression is quite something.
E-volve-E Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2007  Professional General Artist
Thank you, so much, for sharing this.
peach-mork Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2007  Professional Filmographer
Your work is incredible and inspiring. It's soo good to see work with some real humanity to it. :)
Bonia Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2007
its really like from american movies
theoceanrisesagain Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2007
I love all your portraits, but this is probably my favorite. Maybe its because of the sox hat ?
anditflewaway Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2007
this work has been featured [link]
Nullermanden Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2007
Thank you so much : )

Lots of awesome stuff there - I'm happy you let me be part of it :aww:
nevershatter Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2007
the hat is almost the same as the portrait #13. :D
Nullermanden Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2007
Well what can I say - Bostonians are proud of their city :giggle:
nevershatter Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2007
hahaha. i thought so too! :D
Moggen2 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
nice story, good picture :)
Taped-Sharpie Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2007
Excellent story! The lines of his face are really great :D :+fav:
BlackScarletLove Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
these guys you photograph really like their B hats. ;)
Nullermanden Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2007
It's the Boston Red Sox hat :P You're not a real bostonian if you don't have the darkblue cap with the big, red B ;)
EllaNutella Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2007  Student General Artist
^.^ Gosh, you have a good soul. I hope you get the success you deserve. Talent, skill, and kindness is difficult to find in one person, especially these days.

Sam reminds me of someone from a book I know I've read, but I'm not sure who. Maybe it's the beard or the hat. But maybe Eddie, from Five People You Meet in Heaven. =\

Big cookies are good, until you can't take another bite. You're looking at it, and it's looking at you, and it's going "EAT ME" and you go "But I'm stuffed!" It ignored you and demands it gets eaten.

You can find these ginormous ones (diameter a bit more than wrist to elbow) somewhere in Brooklyn, near Sheepshead Bay. I dun remember where, but they exist. ^.^ I remember my friend bringing me one, and I was just kinda gawking. We shared, and still couldn't finish it.
DeeJey Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2007
i just wanna ask how much time do you spend on processing your images?
Are the final effect is very different from original?
You're very skilled photographer!
thnx 4 sharing
Nullermanden Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2007
I do spend a lot of time on postprocessing - I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to my photos!

I guess I usually spend between 0.5 and 2 hours or so on my portraits. It all depends on the portrait itself, I guess!

You can go see what I do for yourself, actually! I put up some of my photoshop-files on ~Nullerpsd, where you can download them and take a sneak peak behind the scenes : )

And thank you very much :bow: :giggle:
greenmoon71 Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2007
old men and children seems to be more is one...very sad.
your portraits are great, I love them!
tiffany Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2007   Photographer
i love the stories behind these portraits. what a great thing you did, and how cool is it that you happened to meet a fellow photographer. :) funny how things work isn't it? i love the sincerity and honesty in his face. the detail is great, with the beard and the lines in the face. beautiful. :thumbsup:
Nullermanden Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2007
Nevermind about that, that was another photographer I was talking about. My head's up my arse today :roll:
tiffany Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2007   Photographer
Nullermanden Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2007
Actually, that fellow photographer turned out to be a little... well... I'll explain when his portrait is up. Should be within the next day or two - and you'll see what I mean :P

This guy was awesome though. His friend totally screwed me over and left with the cookie :lmao:
RGAllanPhotography Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
An excellent picture, the detail is incredible. Nice work!
Kaeldra-1 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2007
I love your stories and your pictures they're so great! This is one of my all time favorite series on DA. :clap:
heeerrresjonny Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
you altruist, you :P
Nullermanden Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2007
You user of words I don't know, you XD
neilhr Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
i loved the story :heart:
Ylvaso Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2007
I love the story. Without it the photo would've been, well, nothing! (:

Ok, caring Lasse being nice to the homeless:
He gives them food. Fair enough, but it's nothing like a bread, or bagel, or sandwich. No, no, no. It's a huuuuuge cookie. :lmao:

Pardon me for being silly, but I find it funny. :giggle:
NefeRj Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2007
beautiful photo.
benjbeattie Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2007   Photographer
keep up with the series, its fantastic. i love every shot. and i love your courage for getting people to agree. i have no courage.
Knecke Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2007
:cookie: !
as usual Lasse, lovely story and photo :thumbsup:
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